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D Allen Pickups™ Made in the U.S.A.
was created to “BRING TONE TO LIFE”™
by creating high quality, precision crafted, musical equipment with the best materials and processes we can use. Our mission is to delight our customers with the quality, consistency, value and tone of our products.
David Allen

Our Pickup Lines
We make our pickups a bit different. We do not try and reverse engineer "copy" another pickup set or pickup makers sets or make a model similar to another company’s product. We use certain pickup model years and artits's tone to influence our design and then we talk to musicians, guitar builders, enthusiast and look at certain tonal profiles. We blind test the proto-types in the hands of musicians and get feed back and make changes until we are satisfied with the product. The out come is a pickup made with a lot of thought, trial and testing by real players made with the best materials we can to bring that tonal profile to life.
The VP (Vintage Plus) line to avoid confusion with other manufacturers. Please note that we make our S style pickup sets with the magnets slightly different than others so we have our covers custom made to fit on most sets with N/M/B spacing at 50/52/52. This lets the magnets fit below the strings better and gives you better tone.

How we adjust the Single Coil S style pups:
I find that there is no one height for any pickup set. There's a myth that has been promoted about this. How you can say depress here and measure to the top of a magnet for a set in every guitar and every set? While It does sound like it makes sense in actuality does not work well. Just as each set sounds different in each guitar. Johnny Hiland taught me to set up pickups like this, Basically start low and take your time adjusting up to find the 'Sweet Spot" 1. Set the neck very low to start. I set the low E side 1-2 mm from the PickGuard to the top of the cover. On the high e side 2-3 mm from the PickGuard to the top of the cover. Now play some chords and listen. Turn half a turn on each side and repeat chording. If you are in a hurry use a full turn and when it does not sound right back down a half turn. You will find the sweet spot and it will be lower then other single coils. The magnets I use are a very pure material and fully charged. More string movement by setting lower gives you more output and tone. 2. I go to the bridge and do the same starting low E at 4mm and high e side about 5 mm from the top of the PickGuard to the top of the covers. This time I play between the neck and bridge and try and balance the output. When the output is the same some will leave it I like to back down half a turn in each. 3. The middle pickup I set the same way as the neck. It usually ends up half a turn higher then the neck. Sometime the first position in the neck works fine. It all a matter of the hardware and wood of each guitar. I hope this helps you find your sweet spot.

CS or VP Single Coil line:
The CS/VP (Custom Shop/ Vintage Plus) line was made to meet professional demands but be in price reach of the guitar enthusiast. We start by hand making each bobbin with laser cut fiber flatwork, hand beveled alnico magnets, scatter wind, wax pot, use USA cloth push back hookup wires, finish off with a fabric tape.

Bass line
We just launched our Bass line with great results! Check out the comments on the CS P1088's and look at the New Jazz Bass!

T-Style WC line:
WC (WildCat) line was created to be an adventurous line maybe a little on the daring side. WCT tele® From HotVintage to the open neck Tigers’ they are full of great tone.

From vintage 50's tones with a warm alnico II magnet in the StrayCats to the Big Bold Hot PhilthyCats overwound to drive your amp! We did not want to use the plexiglass frame common in the industry so we make our own frame from Canadian Maple!

Humbucker line is very versitile from the 50's AlleyCats to the TomCats with a very articulate vintage voiced neck and a more powerful bridge!

Humbuckers (WB) series pickups.
We will pull out all the stops on this line of pickups. The first model is the P-51 Mustang Humbucker set watch for details on it and the next models.

Warranty for Pickups:

We warranty our pickups to be free of manufacturing defects for the life of the pickups for the original purchaser. If there is any issue with the pickup please mail the pickup back with the details of what is going on and we will replace or repair the pickup and ship it back to you.

If you do not enjoy the tone of the pickups within the first 30 days from the day you receive them you can ship them back for an exchange within 30 days or for a full refund as long as you return them in good working condition in the original packaging.

We have a new solderless connector that is soldered in place here and when you get your loaded PG you just put the jack wires and trem ground wire in the appropriate hole and screw it down. Simple as that!
Thank you for buying a DAllen Pickups Loaded Pickguard.

Solderless connector will work in this fashion.
1. Remove your old jack and install the new one. (you can use your old jack if the wires reach the wireless connector bay’s). 2. Put the white jack wire in the open bay across from the white wire soldered to the connector and the black one in the bay across from a black wire. Screw down the set screws on the front until snug. 3. Take your trem ground (and body ground if you have one), and put them in the remaining bay and screw down until snug. 4. That’s it 

Warranty for Loaded PickGuards:

We warranty our Loaded PickGuards to be free of manufacturing defects for one year from the date of recite for the original purchaser. Except for push/push or push/pull pots and mini switches as we do not make these items and they may be subject to mechanical failure do to wear and use or misuse.

If you do not enjoy the tone of the Loaded PickGuard you can ship it back for an exchange of the pickups to another of our sets within 30 days from the date you receive it or for a refund less 20% as long as you return it in good working condition. All you need to do is pay for the shipping expense.

We hope you enjoy your new David Allen Products and want to thank you for purchasing from us.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us we will be happy to help you.
David Allen

We build our products in our shop in California.
Thank You David Allen 650-576-5478 2311 Evergreen Drive San Bruno, CA 9406

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